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Below are examples of past prices realized at National Book Auctions

"Topographia Franconiæ" and
"Topographia Archiepiscopatuum Moguntinensis

1648 Printing with Folding Plates and Maps.

Hammer Price: $9,500.00

"The Philippine Islands, 1493-1803" by Blair and Robertson

complete 55-volume set, includes the 2-volume index.

Hammer Price: $7,000.00

"Really Rosie" Artwork

By Maurice Sendak, study for animators working on the 1975 video musical cartoon

Hammer Price: $4,250.00

"Redwood and Lumbering in California Forests" published by Edgar Cherry & Co.

1884 Limited Edition, inscribed by California Redwood entrepreneur John Dolbeer.

Hammer Price: $4,000.00

"The Vegetable" by F. Scott Fitzgerald

First edition with dustjacket, signed by the author.

Hammer Price: $3,700.00

Original Log Book of the Whaling Schooner "Pedro Varela"

Handwritten, 1885 - 1886, first year at sea.

Hammer Price: $3,300.00

"Diamond Head – At the Entrance to Honolulu Harbor" Original Gouache and Watercolor Wash

By Leslie Darrell Ragan, 1930

Hammer Price: $2,900.00

The Civil War Diary of Asaph Dodge, written in 1862

Officer of Companies E and F, 16th Regiment, New York State Volunteer Infantry

Hammer Price: $2,500.00

Set of Eighteen United States Individual State Maps

Published by John Reid, 1783 - 1796.

Hammer Price: $2,250.00

Map of the Southern Part of West-Chester County, New York

By R. F. O. Connor, published by M. Dripps, 1853.

Hammer Price: $2,250.00

First Issue of Playboy

December 1953, featuring Marilyn Monroe.

Hammer Price: $2,200.00

"Kew Gardens" by Virginia Woolf

With decorations by Vanessa Bell; 1927 Limited Edition, signed by Woolf and Bell

Hammer Price: $2,100.00

"Daily Resolves"

By Booker T. Washington, 1896 First Edition, Signed by Author.

Hammer Price: $2,000.00

"The Religious Experience of Norris Stearns"

By Norris Stearns, 1820 Printing.

Hammer Price: $1,900.00

"The Enneads"

By Plotinus, 1580 First Edition in Original Greek.

Hammer Price: $1,800.00

"Dan, the Detective"

By Horatio Alger, 1884 printing.

Hammer Price: $1,700.00

"As Nature Shows Them: Moths and Butterflies of the United States"

By Sherman F. Denton, three-volume set, 1900 Printing, Limited Edition # 328/500.

Hammer Price: $1,600.00

"Two Trips to Gorilla Land and the Cataracts of the Congo"

By Richard F. Burton, two volumes, 1876.

Hammer Price: $1,600.00

"The Antiquities of Herculaneum"

Translated by Thomas Martyn and John Lettice, two volumes, 1773 First English Edition.

Hammer Price: $1,600.00

"The Grapes of Wrath"

By John Steinbeck, 1939 First Edition in Dustjacket.

Hammer Price: $1,600.00

"Harlem as Seen by Hirschfeld"

By Al Hirschfeld & William Saroyan, 1941 Limited Edition

Hammer Price: $1,500.00

"All the Sad Young Men"

By F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1926 First Printing in Dustjacket.

Hammer Price: $1,450.00

"Alcoholics Anonymous" with Ephemera

1955 Second Edition, signed by Bill W.

Hammer Price: $1,350.00

"Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland by the Four Masters"

By John O'Donovan, 1849.

Hammer Price: $1,300.00

"Bulletin of the United States Fish Commission"

Vol. XXIII for 1903.

Hammer Price: $1,300.00

Transactions of the American Philosophical Society

1786 Printing, Vol. II

Hammer Price: $1,300.00

"Egypt, Nubia and Ethiopia"

By Joseph Bonomi and Samuel Sharpe, 1862.

Hammer Price: $1,200.00

"Where the Wild Things Are"

By Maurice Sendak, 1969 Printing, Signed by the Author.

Hammer Price: $1,200.00


"Stallion and Jack Fighting " Limited Edition Lithograph

By John Steuart Curry, signed.

Hammer Price: $1,100.00

Hudson Valley Oil Painting on Canvas

Uncredited, mid-1800s

Hammer Price: $1,100.00

Hunter’s Ottawa Scenery – Canada West

By William Stewart Hunter, with illustrations by Winslow Homer, 1855

Hammer Price: $1,100.00

"Voyage Autour du Monde"

By Woodes Rogers, two volume set, 1716 First French Edition.

Hammer Price: $1,100.00

Mitchell's New General Atlas

1866 printing, with 87 color maps.

Hammer Price: $1,100.00

Antique and Vintage Hawaiian Postage Stamp Collection

19th Century Stamps including Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Panama

Hammer Price: $1,100.00

The Lesser Writings of Samuel Hahnemann

Translated by R. E. Dudgeon, 1852 Printing

Hammer Price: $1,100.00


Original Beatrix Potter Figurine by Warne and Company

Hammer Price: $1,100.00

"The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African"

written by himself, 1790 printing.

Hammer Price: $1,050.00

"The American Herbal; or, Materia Medica"

By Samuel Stearns, 1801 First Edition.

Hammer Price: $1,050.00

"The Alaska Railroad in Pictures"

By Bernadine LeMay Prince, two volumes, author signed, 1964 printing.

Hammer Price: $1,000.00

Bound Compilation of Harpers Weekly

1873 Issues, including two-page illusration by Thomas Nast

Hammer Price: $1,000.00

The Complete Works of Shakespeare

Complete 39 Volume Set, 1993 Easton Press Printing.

Hammer Price: $950.00

Dickens' Works

Complete 30 Volume Set, c1890 J. B. Lippincott Limited Edition.

Hammer Price: $950.00

"Précis du Système Hiéroglyphique des Anciens Egyptiens"

By M. Champollion, 1824 printing.

Hammer Price: $900.00

"The Palace of Minos"

By Arthur Evans, 1964, 7 vols.

Hammer Price: $900.00

"The Great Gatsby"

By F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1925 First Edition.

Hammer Price: $900.00

"A is for Alibi"

By Sue Grafton, author signed, 1982 First Edition.

Hammer Price: $900.00

Original WWI Poster, c1918

"Join the Air Service and Serve in France" by J. Paul Oerrees

Hammer Price: $900.00

"Three Kingdoms"

By Storm Jameson, Original Hand-Written Manuscript including A.S.L., c1938.

Hammer Price: $850.00

"The Evolution of Trout and Trout Fishing in America"

By Charles Zibeon Southard, 1928 Signed and Numbered Edition.

Hammer Price: $850.00

"The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman"

By Laurence Sterne, Author Signed, seven volume set, 1763-1767 printing.

Hammer Price: $850.00


By Stephen King, Author Signed, 1974 First Edition.

Hammer Price: $850.00

"The Stock Market Crash - And After"

By Irving Fisher, Author Signed, 1930 First Edition.

Hammer Price: $850.00

Hunter S. Thompson Research Materials Collection

Collected by E. Jean Carroll, including interview tapes, photographs, research notes, etc.

Hammer Price: $850.00

"Elements of Chinese Grammar" by J. Marshman

1814 printing.

Hammer Price: $800.00

"The Maine Woods" by Henry D. Thoreau

1864 First Printing, First State.

Hammer Price: $800.00

Plan of Jerusalem

By F. Catherwood, published by Colen's Lithography, 1838.

Hammer Price: $800.00

"Histoire Naturelle de la Parole"

By M. Court de Gebelin, 1776.

Hammer Price: $775.00

"Travels in Crete," two volumes

By Robert Pashley, 1837.

Hammer Price: $750.00

"Edouard Manet," two volumes

By Denis Rouart, 1975.

Hammer Price: $750.00

Bradley's Atlas of the World

By William M. Bradley, 1886 printing.

Hammer Price: $750.00

"The Fairy Caravan"

By Beatrix Potter, 1929 First American Edition in Dustjacket

Hammer Price: $750.00

Private Collection of Early Foreign Stamps

Including a German stamp album, printed c1891.

Hammer Price: $700.00

"Air France" Vintage Poster

By G. Dumas, c1950

Hammer Price: $700.00

"The Chinese Empire Illustrated," two volumes

By Thomas Allom, with plates by Rev. G. N. Wright, two volume set.

Hammer Price: $700.00

"Nipon O Dai Itsi Ran, ou Annales des Empereurs du Japon"

Translated by M. Isaac Titsingh, 1834 printing.

Hammer Price: $700.00

"Cartas del presidio: Anticipo de una biografia de Fidel Castro"

By Luis Conte Aguero, 1959 First Edition, Signed by Fidel Castro.

Hammer Price: $700.00

Signed, Limited Print

By Helen Frankenthaler

Hammer Price: $700.00

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