National Book Auctions


Below is a list of past auctions held by National Book Auctions.  Click on the links to view lot descriptions, photos, and realized prices.

September 1st, 2019: Turkish Manuscript, Hunt & Fish, Catholic, Antique, Decorative

August 25th, 2019: Dickens, Sci-Fi, Catholic, Pulp, Antique, Decorative

July 28th, 2019: Aviation, Catholic, Kennedy, 17th Century, Magazines

July 14th, 2019: Aviation, Easton, Atlases, Socialism, 17th Century

June 23rd, 2019: Civil War, Americana, Signatures, Modern Firsts

June 9th, 2019: Atlases, Americana, Signatures, Morley, Firsts

May 19th, 2019: Ellison, Children’s, NYS, Civil War, Sci-Fi, Vietnam

May 5th, 2019: Aelian, Ohio, Americana, Atlases, Collecting, Antique

April 21st, 2019: West, Espy, Civil War, Antique, Americana

April 7th, 2019: Modern Firsts, Limited Editions Club, Hemingway

March 31st, 2019: Natural History, de Soto, Chemistry, Americana

March 17th, 2019: Davy Chemistry, Books-on-Books, Americana

March 10th, 2019: Books-on-Books, Antique, Art, Cartography

March 3rd, 2019: Cartography, Books-on-Books, Antique, Bookplates

February 24th, 2019: Oz, Books-on-Books, Americana, Antique

February 10th, 2019: Books-on-Books, Antique Folios, Fine Bindings

February 3rd, 2019: Books-on-Books, Limited Editions, 17th Century

January 27th, 2019: Books-on-Books, King Ranch, Easton, Fancy Leather

January 13th, 2019: Books-on-Books, Folio Society, Easton, Decorative Antique, Sets

December 30th, 2018: Americana, Ireland, 1600’s, Decorative Bindings, Sets, Antique

December 16th, 2018: Americana, NYS, 1600’s, Sendak, Decorative Bindings, Antique

December 9th, 2018: Easton, 1600’s, Sendak, Bird & Bull, Sets, Decorative, Antique

November 18th, 2018: LEC, 17th Century, Sets, Decorative, Antique

November 4th, 2018: Americana, Vellum, Catholic, West, Decorative, Antique

October 28th, 2018: Theology, Vellum, Catholic, West, Sowerby, Decorative, Antique

October 21st, 2018: Meehan, Native American, West, Mexico, Decorative, Antique

October 14th, 2018: Sowerby, Muir, Americana, Raleigh, Oz, Civil War

October 7th, 2018: Americana, Modern Firsts, Polar, Civil War

September 30th, 2018: Americana, Indians, Polar Exploration, Civil War

September 23rd, 2018: Civil War, Firsts, Polar Exploration

September 9th, 2018: Masonic, Signed, Decorative, Exploration

September 2nd, 2018: Hendrik Andersen, Signed, Limited

August 18th, 2018: Erle Stanley Gardner, Signed, Art History

August 4th, 2018: Erle Stanley Gardner, Art History, Wood Carving

June 30th, 2018: Horse Racing, Railroads, Art History

June 2nd, 2018: Uncle Tom, Sci-Fi Pulp, Antique Sets

May 5th, 2018: Mockingbird, Uncle Tom, Frost, Americana

March 17th, 2018: 16th Century, Firsts, Space, Lankes

February 17th, 2018: 16th Century, Sci-Fi, Exploration

February 3rd, 2018: Easton, Signed, Antique

January 20th, 2018: Signed, Children's, Antique

January 6th, 2018: Frost, Signed, 16th Century

December 9th, 2017: Fraternal, Children’s, Antique

November 18th, 2017: Antique, Fraternal, History

November 4th, 2017: Antique, Fairbanks, Exploration

October 21st, 2017: Kashmir, Fairbanks, Civil War

October 7th, 2017: Civil War, Antique, Art, History

September 23rd, 2017: Children’s, Signed, Exploration

September 9th, 2017: Colonial, Vellum, Children’s, Signed

August 26th, 2017: Signed, Modern, Colonial Ephemera

August 12th, 2017: Firsts, Exploration, Signed, Limited

July 29th, 2017: Americana, Exploration, Civil War

July 15th, 2017: Harper's, West, Exploration, 17th Cent.

June 24th, 2017: Easton, West, Exploration, 16th Cent

June 10th, 2017: Books, Maps, Ephemera, Photography, Prints, Natural History, Emblems, Audubon, Homann, Roscoe

June 3rd, 2017: West, Everest, Exploration, 16th Century

May 20th, 2017: Currier & Ives, Signed, Cartography, West

April 29th, 2017: Theology, Signed, 16th Century, Mystery, West

April 8th, 2017: Signed, West, 16th Century, Easton

March 18th, 2017: Civil War, Life, Emblems, Derriere le Miroir

March 4th, 2017: Colonial, Hemingway, Civil War

February 18th, 2017: Civil War, Steinbeck, Frontier

February 4th, 2017: 1601, Fancy Leather, Breathed

January 21st, 2017: Whaling, Horror, 16th Century

January 7th, 2017: 16th Century, Horror, Science Fiction

December 10th, 2016: Chemistry, 16th Century, Emblems

November 20th, 2016: 16th Century, Children’s, Emblems

November 5th, 2016: Pulp, West, Nautical, Egypt

October 22nd, 2016: Canada, Egypt, Polar, West

October 8th, 2016: Polar, West, Americana, Sendak

September 24th, 2016: Easton, Egypt, Antique Leather

September 10th, 2016: NYS, Egypt, Atlases, Maps

August 27th, 2016: London, Faulkner, Egypt, Gorey

August 13th, 2016: Children’s, Egypt, Ephemera, Art

July 24th, 2016: Hogarth, Egypt, London, Maps

July 10th, 2016: Horror, Art, Botany, Egypt

June 26th, 2016: Carter, Vampires, Kulicke

June 5th, 2016: Egypt, Maps, Books-on-Books

May 15th, 2016: Books, Art and Ephemera - Maps, Egypt, Paintings, West

May 1st, 2016: Archaeologia, Ephemera, Photography

April 17th, 2016: T.R., Exploration, NYC, Maps

April 3rd, 2016: West, Polar, Middle East

March 20th, 2016: Judaica, Magazines, Americana

March 6th, 2016: Costume, Botany, Magazines, Folio

February 21st, 2016: Maps, Far East, Americana, Folio

February 7th, 2016: Antique, West, Mao, Magazines

January 24th, 2016: Americana, Sci-Fi, Cultural Revolution

January 3rd, 2016: Botany, Sterner, Ssendak

December 13th, 2015: Sendak, Rossman, Americana

November 22nd, 2015: Botany, Incunabula, Engravings

November 1st, 2015: West, RR, Antique, Plates

October 11th, 2015: Hollywood, Rackham, Engravings

September 13th, 2015: Chemistry, Civil War, Travel & Exploration

August 23rd, 2015: Bourke-White, Engravings, Film

August 2, 2015: Ceramics, Botanical, Leather

July 12, 2015: Chinese Plaques, Engravings, Antique

June 21, 2015: Craighead, Modern Firsts, Frontier

May 31, 2015: Genealogy, Ephemera, Kane

May 3, 2015: Hollywood, Carreno, Steinbeck

April 12, 2015: Civil War, RR, Incunabulum, Art

March 15, 2015: Books, Art and Ephemera - Jewish, Antique, Nautical, Art

February 22, 2015: Books, Art and Ephemera - RR, Masons, Mormon, Jewish

January 25, 2015: Books, Art and Ephemera - Symons, Savage, Hemingway

January 4, 2015: Books, Art and Ephemera - Whistler, Maps, Sets, Fancy

December 7, 2014: Books, Art and Ephemera - Basquiat, Medical, Hemingway

November 9, 2014: Books, Art and Ephemera - Munter, Medical, Rochester

October 12, 2014: Books, Art and Ephemera - Theology, Coins, Dickens

September 21, 2014: Books, Art and Ephemera - Lawrence, Signed, NYS, RR

August 24, 2014: Books, Art and Ephemera - Tamayo, Medicine, Nancy Drew

July 27, 2014: Wiggins, Civil War, Engravings

June 29, 2014: Basquiat, Popova, Cuba, Waterford

June 8, 2014: Miro, Lam, Textiles, Hemingway

May 18, 2014: Civil War, Am. West, Exploration

April 27, 2014: Signed, Cruikshank, Magazines

April 6, 2014: Tamayo, Marantz, Shulz, Cuba

March 9, 2014: Monument Men, Law, Autographs

February 16, 2014: Africa, Modern, Leland, Cholera

January 26, 2014: Morley, Whistler, Obama, Art

January 5, 2014: MacDonald, Books-on-Books, Children's

December 8, 2013: Butterflies, Cookbooks, Life

November 24, 2013: Autographs, Civil War, Mags

November 3, 2013: Klipsch, Art, Pulp, Mags

October 13, 2013: Civil War, Ephemera, Signed

September 15, 2013: Burman, PA Dutch, Ornithology

August 25, 2013: Art, WWI Posters, Firearms

August 4, 2013: Incunabulum, Ltd. Ed. Club, Burchfield

July 7, 2013: Basquiat, Medieval, Am. West

June 23, 2013: Cuckoo, Emerson, Auto, Joyce

June 2, 2013: Earhart, Antique, History

May 12, 2013: Circus, Maps, Hunt & Fish, West

April 21, 2013: Adirondacks, Maps, MA, PA

April 7, 2013: Beekeeping, NYS, NJ, Botany

March 10, 2013: Marilyn, Sendak, PA, Antiquarian

February 17, 2013: Quaker, Journals, Exploration

January 27, 2013: Americana, Antiquarian, Firsts, Nautical

January 6, 2013: Americana, Quaker, Africa, Slavery

December 9, 2012: Antique, Signatures, Clocks, Art

November 18, 2012: Lennep, Autographs, Nautical, Antiques

October 21, 2012: Scholarly, Autographs, Explore, Maps

September 30, 2012: Art Reference, Paintings, Bronzes, Maps, Decorator Sets

September 9, 2012: George Grosz, Cartography, Dickens, Antique Volumes

August 12, 2012: Italian and Asian Volumes, Limited Editions Club, Atlases

July 29, 2012: Photography, Art, Ephemera, Dickens, Magazines

July 8, 2012: New York State, Ethnology, Nautical, Antique Reference

June 24, 2012: Geology, Paleontology, Antique Volumes, Signatures

June 3, 2012: Nautical, Signed & First Editions, Posters, Ephemera

May 6, 2012: Artwork, Ephemera, World's Fair, Antique Leather-bound

April 15, 2012: Native American, Nautical, First Editions, Decorator Sets

March 18, 2012: Nautical, Archaeology, Author Signed, First Editions

February 19, 2012: Civil War, JFK, Author Signed, Postage, Bronzes

January 29, 2012: Antique Ephemera, Author Signed, First Editions

January 8, 2012: Author Signed, First and Limited Editions, Antique Volumes

December 4, 2011: Atlases, Artwork, History, Antique Volumes

November 20, 2011: First and Limited Editions, Theology, Antique Ephemera

October 23, 2011: Antique Manuscript Leaves, Artwork, Ephemera, Civil War

October 2, 2011: U.S. & Canadian History, Posters & Art, Columbian Exposition

September 11, 2011: Civil War, American History, Atlases, Mark Twain

August 14, 2011: Classic Literature, Author Signed, Chinese Collectibles

July 24, 2011: Children's, Historical, Leather-bound, Vintage Magazines

June 26, 2011: Illustrators, Children's, Genealogical, Historical

June 12, 2011: American History, Art Reference, Dante Scholars, Children's

May 15, 2011: Signed Volumes, Presidential, Ornithological, Nautical

April 17, 2011: First Editions, Decorative Sets, Pottery, Artwork

March 20, 2011: Pottery, Artwork, Antique & Vintage Literature

February 27, 2011: Military & Wars, Exploration, Art & Photography, Botany

January 23, 2011: New England and American History, signed volumes

January 9, 2011: New England History, First Editions, Roosevelt, Anthony

December 5, 2010: Lewis and Clark, Mein Kampf, Author Signed, History

November 21, 2010: Author Signed, Americana, Picasso, Antique Volumes

November 7, 2010: Travel and Exploration, New York State, Limited Editions

October 24, 2010: Antique & Vintage Children's, Theology, Roycrofter

October 3, 2010: Mass. History, Early Aviation, Author Signed, Literature

September 19, 2010: Stage and Screen Collection, Music, Signed, Antique Volumes

August 29, 2010: Civil War, Genealogy, Children's Classics, Sendak

August 8, 2010: Signed Volumes, Travel, Automotive, Antique Works

July 18, 2010: Photography, Art & Cameras (II), Asian, Antique Volumes

June 27, 2010: Photography, Art, & Cameras (I), Antique and Signed Editions

June 6, 2010: Author Signed, Scarce Literature, Connecticut History

May 2, 2010: Sendak Books and Prints, China, First Printings, etc.

March 28, 2010: Pennsylvania Genealogy, History, Arabic, Antique, etc.

February 28, 2010: Sendak, Pulitzer Prize winning, Antique Volumes, etc.

January 31, 2010: World and Military History, Literature, Periodicals, etc.

January 10, 2010: Harpers Weekly, Playboy, Multi-Volume Sets, etc.

December 6, 2009: Beatrix Potter, Postcards, First Editions, Ephemera

November 22, 2009: Cuba, First Editions, Sheet Music, etc.

October 25, 2009: Author Signed Firsts, Antique Theology, History, Ephemera

September 27, 2009: U.S. History, Civil War, Exploration, Freemasonry

August 16, 2009: Author Signed, Marilyn French Estate, Artwork

July 12, 2009: Civil War, Medallions, Space Exploration, etc.

June 21, 2009: Horticulture, Botany, Ornithology, Ephemera, Periodicals

May 24, 2009: Stamps, Currency, Postcards, Posters, Photographs

May 3, 2009: Rare Books, Stamps, Ephemera, etc.

April 5, 2009: Stamps, Coins, Ephemera, Antique Books, etc.

March 22, 2009: World War I Posters, Art, Architecture, Photography

February 22, 2009: Antique and Modern Fiction, Comics

January 25, 2009: History, New York State, Civil War, etc.


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