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National Book AuctionsNational Book Auctions is the product of an evolution. The company was launched in the 1990’s, selling rare and collectible books online when the Internet was just beginning to take shape. During its development, the management has embraced all manner of bookselling methods including online auction, online retail, bricks-and-mortar retail, and live auction. In 2004, the company purchased a retail space in Ithaca, New York and the first gallery-based auction was held on January 23rd, 2005. That model continues today with auctions that are open to the public and also incorporate online absentee bidding prior to and real-time online and phone bidding during each auction.

Since the earliest days, consignment work has always been a part of the company’s services and today, it is the backbone. Early in the company’s history, inventory was frequently purchased at estate and other auctions.National Book Auctions Ithaca Gallery On several occasions, company buyers acquired individual books and other paper items that were worth small fortunes, for very low hammer prices. This pattern demonstrated that an important market was being underserved. Hence, the gallery was opened with the very deliberate plan to act as advocates for heirs, institutions and individuals with books and ephemera to sell, who need outside expertise to evaluate and market their material for a fair return.

The dedicated and expert staff of National Book Auctions draw upon decades of experience in the worlds of collectible books and ephemera. Since the company started, National Book Auctions and its partner companies have sold hundreds of thousands of volumes through live auction and online markets. The methods used by National Book Auctions today to market collectible books and ephemera are effective because they are highly evolved and embrace the most current trends in values and collecting patterns.

National Book Auctions gallery is located at 2085 Dryden Road (Route 13) Freeville, NY
13068; just 15 minutes east of downtown Ithaca. Local area accommodations within a 2-minute drive. For more information, call 607-269-0101.

"I haven't been unhappy yet! My Mother was a librarian for 40 years and couldn't believe I paid $60-70.00 for a book without front or back covers. Then when I showed her the contents of it being 1 of 8,000 the city of New York published in 1865 concerning basically the statistics, names of every employee, basically their annual handbook for running the city with illustrations, fold out color lithos, etc she understood..And a few others bid besides me. You all run a great show. Keep up the good work!"

- Terry G.

"David Hall of National Book Auctions was wonderful to work with. His extensive knowledge of printed material was instrumental in the success of our auction. We were extremely pleased with the outcome and we couldn't have done it without you."

- Joan C. Curtiss, Boyce Thompson Institute, Cornell University

"If you have a book or group of books to sell, these are the people to see. We were very pleased and would recommend National Book Auctions to anyone."

- M. Vaughn, family estate

"National Book Auctions was a wonderful find for our residential living/learning community library. We were able to fill our shelves with quality books for students' use at a very affordable price. I would recommend them for any individual or organization interested in purchasing single collectible books or shelf-lots of sorted high caliber books."

- J.M., Cornell University

"Our experience with National Book Auctions was exceptional. The process couldn't have gone more smoothly. When the final tally and check arrived, we were astonished with the results! We look forward to giving National Book Auctions our future business."

- Judy Wayno, Albert R. Mann Library, Cornell University

"National Book Auctions has been an invaluable asset to the Buffalo-Erie Library System. Their professionalism, knowledge and efficiency is very impressive and we were more than delighted after receiving the first check for the books we consigned. The quality of their research and cataloging is unprecedented and we're confident that this attributed to the high return. I would recommend them to any library or other organization and we plan to use their services again."

- Stanton Hudson, Buffalo-Erie Library System

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