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Lot 1001


Title: The Small Fruits of New York
Author: U. P. Hedrick - Ulysses Prentiss Hedrick was an American botanist and horticulturist who specialized in spermatophytes. His main interest was cultivated fruit trees, and he published a number of volumes dealing with such fruits as cherries, grapes, plums, and peaches.
Publisher: J. B. Lyon Company, Printers
City: Albany
Year: 1925
Binding Style: Hardcover
Pagination: 614 pages
Width: 9.5" Height: 12.25"
Book Details: This antique volume is bound in green cloth-covered boards with gilt title on the front board and spine. Seventh in the series of fruit-books entitled "Fruits of New York", this work on the small fruits grown and harvested in New York State features numerous plates of brambles, bush fruits and strawberry varieties. The work is also adorned with a tissue-guarded portrait frontispiece.
Condition / Notes: This antique volume shows well with some typical indications of age and wear including shelfwear and rubbing. There is minor soiling to the front board. The binding is firm and the illustrated plates and text are clear and crisp through mild age toning. There are small personal stamps to the pastedown endpapers.
Lot 1002


Title: The Works of Booth Tarkington
Author: Booth Tarkington - Newton Booth Tarkington was an American novelist and dramatist best known for his novels "The Magnificent Ambersons" and "Alice Adams." He is one of only three novelists to win the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction more than once, along with William Faulkner and John Updike.
Publisher: Doubleday, Page & Company
City: Garden City, New York
Year: 1922-1928
Printing Information: Limited Edition
Binding Style: Hardcover
Number of Volumes: 21 Full Set: No
Width: 5.5" Height: 8.75"
Book Details: This handsome twenty-one-volume set of "The Works of Booth Tarkington" is uniformly bound in blue paper-covered boards with a cream spine. The text block is top-edge gilt with deckled edges. These volumes are of the limited "Seawood Edition", numbered 320 of 1075. “Seawood” was the name of Tarkington’s beloved home in Kennebunkport, Maine. Volume one contains a frontispiece portrait signed by the author. Volume one also bears the signature “Doubleday Page & Co.” Many of these volumes have uncut pages, indicating that the books have not been read, and remain in pristine condition. Most volumes contain an extra spine label tipped in at the end of the book. Titles included in this collection are:

The Gentleman from Indiana
The Two Van Revels
The Guest of Quesnay
The Flirt
Penrod and Sam
In the Arena
Harlequin and Columbine, and Other Stories
Monsieur Beaucaire, The Beautiful Lady, His Own People, and Other Stories
The Turmoil
The Conquest of Canaan
The Magnificent Ambersons
Ramsey Milholland
Alice Adams
Gentle Julia
The Fascinating Stranger and Other Stories
The Midlander
The Plutocrat
Claire Ambler

Condition / Notes: The books show beautifully with only light age/wear indications to the boards and spines. The bindings are all solid. The pages are clean and there are no inscriptions or internal writings. It is unknown if this is a complete set.
Lot 1003


Title: Francisci Sylvii a Brania Comitis, S. Theolog Doctoris in Academia Duacena Ibidemque Reii ac Ordinarii Professoris, & Insignis Ecclesiae S. Amati Can. & Dec. Eamque ob causam Universitatis Duacenae Vice-Cancellarii Commentarii in Totam Primam Secundae S. Thom. Aquinatis Doctoris Angelici et Communis.
Author: Franciscus Sylvius - Franciscus Sylvius, born Franz de le Boë, was a Dutch physician and scientist (chemist, physiologist and anatomist) who was an early champion of Descartes', Van Helmont's and William Harvey's work and theories. He was one of the earliest defenders of the theory of circulation of the blood in the Netherlands, and commonly falsely cited as the inventor of gin. , Thomas Aquinas - Thomas Aquinas, also Thomas of Aquin or Aquino, was an Italian Dominican priest of the Catholic Church, and an immensely influential philosopher and theologian in the tradition of scholasticism, known as Doctor Angelicus, Doctor Communis, or Doctor Universalis. "Aquinas" is not a surname (hereditary surnames were not then in common use in Europe), but is a Latin adjective meaning "of Aquino", his place of birth. He was the foremost classical proponent of natural theology, and the father of Thomism. His influence on Western thought is considerable, and much of modern philosophy was conceived as a reaction against, or as an agreement with his ideas, particularly in the areas of ethics, natural law, metaphysics, and political theory.

Thomas is held in the Catholic Church to be the model teacher for those studying for the priesthood. The works for which he is best-known are the Summa Theologica and the Summa Contra Gentiles. As one of the 33 Doctors of the Church, he is considered the Church's greatest theologian and philosopher. Pope Benedict XV declared: "This (Dominican) Order ... acquired new luster when the Church declared the teaching of Thomas to be her own and that Doctor, honored with the special praises of the Pontiffs, the master and patron of Catholic schools."

He lectured on the Bible as an apprentice professor, and upon becoming a baccalaureus Sententiarum (bachelor of the Sentences) devoted his final three years of study to commenting on Peter Lombard's Sentences. In the first of his four theological syntheses, Thomas composed a massive commentary on the Sentences entitled Scriptum super libros Sententiarium (Commentary on the Sentences).

Publisher: Apud Viduam & Filium Joannis Baptistae Verdussen, sub signo duarum Ciconiarum
City: Antwerpiae
Year: 1696
Binding Style: Hardcover
Pagination: 812 pages plus index
Width: 9.5" Height: 14.25"
Book Details: This is an antique commentary in Latin on the first part of the second part of Summa Theologica, the best-known work of Thomas Aquinas. Although unfinished, the Summa is "one of the classics of the history of philosophy and one of the most influential works of Western literature". It is intended as an instructional guide for theology students, including seminarians and the literate laity. The Summa has three parts and the second part has a first a second part.

Saint Thomas Aquinas OP (1225 – 7 March 1274) was an Italian Dominican friar, Catholic priest, and Doctor of the Church. He was an immensely influential philosopher, theologian, and jurist in the tradition of scholasticism, within which he is also known as the Doctor Angelicus and the Doctor Communis. The name Aquinas identifies his ancestral origins in the county of Aquino in present-day Lazio, Italy.

He was the foremost classical proponent of natural theology and the father of Thomism; of which he argued that reason is found in God. His influence on Western thought is considerable, and much of modern philosophy developed or opposed his ideas, particularly in the areas of ethics, natural law, metaphysics, and political theory. Unlike many currents in the Church of the time, Thomas embraced several ideas put forward by Aristotle—whom he called "the Philosopher"—and attempted to synthesize Aristotelian philosophy with the principles of Christianity. His best-known works are the Disputed Questions on Truth (1256–59), the Summa contra Gentiles (1259–1265), and the Summa Theologiae (1265–1274). His commentaries on Scripture and on Aristotle also form an important part of his body of work. Furthermore, Thomas is distinguished for his eucharistic hymns, which form a part of the Church's liturgy. The Catholic Church honors Thomas Aquinas as a saint and regards him as the model teacher for those studying for the priesthood, and indeed the highest expression of both natural reason and speculative theology.

Condition / Notes: This antique volume shows well bound in leather boards with marbled end papers.

The book shows some age/wear externally concentrated at the extremities, including exterior rubbing and edgewear to the boards, lacking the leather of the spine cover exposing the raised bands. The binding is secure with cracked hinges and boards present and attached. The pages are bright with previous owner sketches and ink markings on preliminary pages and title page.
Lot 1004


Book Details: This lot consists of two titles in deluxe gray leather and gilt bindings with moire fabric endpages, by the Easton Press, as shown in the corresponding images.

"Memoirs of the Civil War in America from Manassas to Appomattox" by James Longstreet, Lieutenant-General, Confederate Army, 1988.

"C.S.A. Lieutenant Jubal Anderson Early: Autobiographical Sketch and Narrative of the War Between the States" with notes by R. H. Early, 2005.
Condition / Notes: These deluxe-bound titles are in beautiful, like-new condition.
Lot 1005


Title: Tappan's Burro and Other Stories
Author: Zane Grey - Pearl Zane Grey was an American author and dentist best known for his popular adventure novels and stories associated with the Western genre in literature and the arts. "Riders of the Purple Sage" (1912) was his best-selling book. In addition to the commercial success of his printed works, they had second lives and continuing influence when adapted as films and television productions. His novels and short stories have been adapted into 112 films, two television episodes, and a television series, Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater.
Publisher: Harper & Brothers Publishers
City: New York and London
Year: 1923
Printing Information: First Edition
Binding Style: Hardcover
Pagination: 253 pages
Width: 7" Height: 9"
Book Details: This antique volume is decoratively bound in black cloth with a colored illustration to the front board, bordered in gilt and lettered in gilt. Color illustrations are by Charles S. Chapman and Frank Street.

The other stories included with "Tappan's Burro" are "The Great Slave", "Yaqui", "Tigre", and "The Rubber Hunter".
Condition / Notes: This antique volume shows nicely with mild some typical indications of age and wear, including shelfwear and rubbing, particularly to the spine. The front hinge is loose, however the binding and text block are firm. Text and illustrations are clear and legible through mild age toning. There is a personal inscription and bookplate affixed to the front endpaper.
Lot 1006


Title: Syria: The Desert & The Sown
Author: Gertrude Lowthian Bell - Gertrude Margaret Lowthian Bell, CBE was an English writer, traveler, political officer, administrator, and archaeologist who explored, mapped, and became highly influential to British imperial policy-making due to her knowledge and contacts, built up through extensive travels in Greater Syria, Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, and Arabia. Along with T. E. Lawrence, Bell helped support the Hashemite dynasties in what is today Jordan as well as in Iraq.

Bell played a major role in establishing and helping administer the modern state of Iraq, utilizing her unique perspective from her travels and relations with tribal leaders throughout the Middle East. During her lifetime she was highly esteemed and trusted by British officials and exerted an immense amount of power. She has been described as "one of the few representatives of His Majesty's Government remembered by the Arabs with anything resembling affection".
Publisher: William Heinemann
City: London
Year: 1908
Binding Style: Hardcover
Pagination: 347 pages
Width: 5.75" Height: 9"
Book Details: This antique volume is bound in red cloth with gilt spine lettering and black lettering and design to the front board. The book is profusely illustrated with photographic plates and in-text illustrations, as well as a folding map of Syria.

Bell published her observations of the Middle East in "Syria: The Desert and the Sown" published in 1907. In this book she described, photographed and detailed her trip to Greater Syria's towns and cities like Damascus, Jerusalem, Beirut, Antioch and Alexandretta. Bell's vivid descriptions opened up the Arabian deserts to the western world.
Condition / Notes: This scarce early printing shows well with some typical indications of age and wear including shelfwear and rubbing. The binding and text block are firm. Text and illustrations are clear and crisp through mild age toning.
Lot 1007


Title: Maggie Rose: Her Birthday Christmas
Author: Ruth Sawyer - Ruth Sawyer, was an American storyteller and a writer of fiction and non-fiction for children and adults. She may be best known as the author of "Roller Skates", which won the 1937 Newbery Medal. She received the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award in 1965 for her lifetime achievement in children's literature.
Publisher: Harper & Row, Publishers
City: New York and Evanston
Year: Unknown
Binding Style: Hardcover
Pagination: 151 pages
Width: 5.25" Height: 7.75"
Book Details: This vintage volume is bound in illustrated paper with black lettering to the spine and boards. Maurice Sendak illustrated this story and signed the front free endpaper.

From the dust jacket: "Eight-going-on-nine-year-old Maggie Rose, who was born on the night before Christmas and named after a real live princess, is one of "those Bunkers," a lazy and shiftless family who live in a dilapidated shack on the wrong side of the Point, a resort spot near Bangor, Maine, and are known to one and all as the laziest, laughingest, singingest family for miles around. Tim and Liz Bunker and their brood of seven children are without an ambition in the world and prefer to lean generously on the charity of their neighbors rather than go out and work. Only Maggie Rose ever wishes for something a little better; most especially, she wishes that just for once there was enough money for "those Bunkers" to have a wonderful birthday Christmas celebration all of their own...So when tragedy threatens Maggie Rose, "those Bunkers" are finally jolted out of their kitchen chairs, and in an unprecedented move they rally together and determinedly set about making Maggie Rose's dream come true."
Condition / Notes: This volume shows very light external age and wear, and is solidly bound with clean, bright pages. The original dust jacket exhibits a Harper Crest gold sticker, and is preserved with a mylar cover. The front dust jacket flap has been clipped at the lower corner.
Lot 1008


Title: The Work & Play of Adrian Wilson: A Bibliography with Commentary
Author: Adrian Wilson - Adrian Wilson was an influential book designer, and author of the classic 1967 work entitled “The Design of Books”. During World War II Wilson was interned at Camp Angel, Waldport, where he printed William Everson's anti-war poems for Untide Press. After the war he and his new wife, Joyce Lancaster Wilson, settled in San Francisco and helped to form the Interplayers Theater. In 1947 he studied architecture at the University of California, Berkeley, but soon left, first to join Jack Stauffacher at the Greenwood Press, and afterwards to join the University of California Press. After a few years he left the Press, but he accepted commissions from them for many years. In 1957 appeared his “Printing for Theatre”. In 1983 he was an early recipient of a MacArthur Foundation award.
Publisher: W. Thomas Taylor
City: Austin
Year: 1983
Printing Information: Limited Edition
Binding Style: Hardcover
Pagination: 158 pages
Width: 10.75" Height: 16.25"
Book Details: This folio is quarter bound in oasis morocco dyed to match the Tuscany Red ink used in the text. The Dutch linen sides are stamped with Wilson's type-juggler device. This volume is printed by hand on handmade paper by Adrian Wilson and contains many tipped-in specimens of his work, some of which are actual pages, often in color, from his books.

Adrian Wilson was internationally known as a designer and printer of fine books. This beautifully produced bibliography contains a biographical introduction and illustrates 196 items produced by Wilson, each accompanied by lengthy comments by Wilson himself concerning the printing of each book and other pertinent facts. This is a scarce limited edition of this bibliography, numbered 321 of 325.

Condition / Notes: This handsomely bound volume is in excellent condition with minor scratches and a circular soil mark to the spine. The binding and text block are sound, and the text and illustrations are clear and bright.
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