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Lot 8001


Title: A History of the Colt Revolver
Author: Charles T. Haven - Charles T. Haven was the author of a number of books on the history of firearms. During the 1940's in particular, he was among America's most productive gun scribes. , Frank Annis Belden - Frank Annis Belden was an individual of some note including in connection with firearms. He had a lifelong career in engineering and electronics including working for a number of the large electric companies in the first half of the twentieth century. Gun-related activities were a passion for him including being an enthusiastic trap shooter. All of these pursuits, however took a backseat to his devotion to the collection, study and repair of antique firearms. He was considered an authority in this field.
Publisher: Quebecor Printing
City: Montreal
Year: 1997
Printing Information: Other - see description
Binding Style: Hardcover
Pagination: 711 pages
Width: 8.5" Height: 11"
Book Details: This collectible volume is special edition facsimile version of the original 1940 publication under the same name. The work is adorned throughout with photographs, advertisements and facsimile correspondences. The special edition, elaborately bound in full red leather with gilt tooling and a bound-in silk bookmark, was privately printed for the National Rifle Association as part of its Firearms Classics Library.

A beautifully produced and exhaustive history of the famous Colt revolver, illustrating the development of the gun that played such a central role in shaping the West, profusely illustrated with photographs of Colt revolvers and facsimiles of historical documents. For any serious student of American firearms, the name Colt is a hallowed one, a gun as significant in its own sphere and function as Sharps or Winchester rifles. The current work remains the defining, if not definitive, treatment of Colt revolvers and as such should hold a place of prominence on the shelves of every firearms bibliophile. (from the introduction to this edition)

Condition / Notes: This collectible volume shows beautifully and is in new or nearly-new condition.
Lot 8002


Title: Cyaniding for Gold: A Complete, Simple, and Detailed Account of the Process Written Especially for the Working Miner and the Small Syndicate
Author: Ion L. Idriess - Ion Llewellyn Idriess, OBE was a prolific and influential Australian author. He wrote more than 50 books over 43 years between 1927 to 1969 an average of one book every 10 months, and twice published three books in one year (1932 and 1940). His first book was "Madman's Island," published in 1927 at the age of 38, and his last was written at the age of 79. "Called Challenge of the North," it told of Idriess's ideas for developing the north of Australia.

Two of his works, "The Cattle King" (1936) and "Flynn of the Inland" (1932) had more than forty reprintings.
Publisher: Angus and Robertson
City: Sydney
Year: 1939
Printing Information: First Edition
Binding Style: Hardcover
Pagination: x/270 pages
Width: 6" Height: 9"
Book Details: This is the first edition, in the scarce dust jacket, of this rare treatise on gold mining using chemical processes. This work is illustrated with in-text photographs, full-page illustrations and fold-out plates and charts. From the foreword by A. N. Graham, Under Secretary for Mines in Australia:

In "Cyaniding for Gold" Mr. Ion L. Idriess has brilliantly accomplished the difficult task he set himself, viz., to explain to non-technical readers the action of chemicals in the complex process of recovering gold by cyanidation.
The book ranges over the design, construction and operation of the necessary plant from the simplest to the most complex type. It contains carefully compiled tables and useful data which simplify the calculation, make-up, and control of the re-agents essential to the process of cyanidation.
Though the book purports to be written primarily for non-technical readers and the working miner, so throughly has the author dealt with the subject that every mining engineer will, I feel sure, be glad to add it to his technical library.

This work is one of a series of four titles which were basically "how-to" works, the first being commissioned by the Australian government as a means of opening up of the "Outback" during the depression years:

"Prospecting for Gold" (1931),
"Cyaniding for Gold" (1939),
"Fortunes in Minerals" (1941),
"Opals and Sapphires" (1967).

Condition / Notes: This book shows well with some age/wear and areas of loss to the dust jacket, including the front flap. The book itself is quite clean in its salmon-orange cloth with black lettering. The covers show some age/wear, concentrated at the extremities. The binding is firm and the pages are clean and bright with a very small amount of occasional toning/marks. A previous owner's name appears at the top of the front free endpaper. The jacket is now preserved in a paper-backed mylar cover.
Lot 8003


Title: Zanita: A Tale of the Yo-Semite
Author: Therese Yelverton - Theresa Yelverton was an English woman who became notorious because of her involvement in the Yelverton case, a 19th-century Irish law case, which eventually resulted in a change to the law on mixed religion marriages in Ireland.
Publisher: Hurd and Houghton
City: New York
Year: 1872
Printing Information: First Edition
Binding Style: Hardcover
Pagination: 296 pages
Width: 5.75" Height: 8"
Book Details: This volume is bound in blind-stamped light brown cloth, with stamped gilt lettering to the spine. This is a sentimental and melodramatic novel which provided an authentic portrayal of John Muir. According to Powell (1971), p. 148: "The oddest book in the literature of these mountains and John Muir is a novel written by a wandering English noblewoman ... She arrived in the Valley soon after Muir did, and proceeded to fall in love with him. At that stage of his life, Muir's love of nature did not include women he was in his forties before he married and fathered two daughters. Unrequited love led the ardent woman to make Muir the hero of Zanita ... This rare book can be read today, when found, only by the most ardent Muiriac." Therese Yelverton (Lady Avonmore) was in Yosemite Valley from June through November 1870. During her stay she was often in the company of Muir, who acted as her guide. Because she possessed a natural gift for reporting, her book provided an accurate record of Muir's philosophy at that time. Many of the novel's scenic descriptions were copied from Muir's journals. Currey & Kruska 399; Farquhar 11; Cowan p. 699
Condition / Notes: The book bears a signature look of bindings from the period, with age/wear externally, concentrated at the extremities. The binding is sound and secure. The volume has dark brown endpapers. Two small stamps appear on a blank preliminary page, The pages are clean and bright other than a small spot in the lower half of the fore edge of the preliminary pages.
Lot 8004


Title: Hurry Home, Candy
Author: Meindert DeJong - Meindert De Jong, sometimes spelled de Jong, DeJong or Dejong was a Dutch-American, award-winning author of children's books. Among other awards and nominations, he was presented with the international Hans Christian Andersen Award in 1962 for his contributions as a children's writer and "The Wheel on the School" won the U.S. Newbery Medal in 1955.
Publisher: Harper & Row, Publishers
City: New York
Year: 1953
Binding Style: Hardcover
Pagination: 244 pages
Width: 6" Height: 8.5"
Book Details: Along with another title by DeJong, "Shadrach," "Hurry Home, Candy" was a runner-up for the Newbery Medal in 1954. The book is illustrated by Maurice Sendak and this early printing in its original dust jacket bears an inscription on the front free endpaper from the beloved artist and illustrator. The volume is bound in bright white cloth, with a full illustration to the front cover. The dust jacket has price of $4.95 at the top of the front flap, next to a black rectangle, and the numbers "60-100" appear at the bottom of the flap.

The story centers around a pet dog who becomes lost and an excerpt from the dust jacket reads:

"In an exciting story told with great compassion and a deep understanding of both people and animals, the little dog eventually finds security and a warm companionship and mutual trust. The human characters who take part are obliquely revealed as they relate to the little dog, and, as the story evolves, a deeper meaning emerges and gives it striking universality."
Condition / Notes: This book shows beautifully with only trace indications of age/wear to the jacket and boards that are very close to as-new. The dust jacket is preserved in mylar. The binding is tight and the pages are clean and bright. There are no internal writings or inscriptions other than that of Sendak.

Lot 8005


Title: The Living World: Containing Descriptions of the Several Races of Men, and the Different Groups of Animals, Birds, Fishes, Insects, Etc., Etc. With Numerous Anecdotes, Illustrative of Their Instincts, Reasoning Powers, and Domestic Habits
Author: Augustus C. L. Arnold, Edward A. Samuels
Publisher: Samuel Walker & Co.
City: Boston
Year: 1871
Binding Style: Hardcover
Number of Volumes: 2 Full Set: Yes
Width: 8.75" Height: 11.25"
Book Details: This handsomely-bound antique set presents all the features of fancy leather Victorian bindings of the period. Each large volume is bound in 3/4 leather over pebbled cloth boards with gilt lettering and tooling. The spines show four raised bands, the endpapers are marbled and the textblock edges are also marbled, on all three sides. These luxurious volumes are illustrated with dozens of full-page, tissue-guarded chromolithograph plates of birds, fish, mammals & insects.

In the introduction, the authors of "The Living World" offer some context as to the content of these volumes: "Aware that most scientific works are dry and uninteresting to the mass of the people, being intended chiefly for scholars, and the more educated classes, we have endeavored to treat the subject in a manner that will both entertain and instruct at the same time. While maintaining scientific exactness in the classification and description of objects, we have carefully avoided wearisome details, and introduced such a variety of pleasing and instructive matter as will, it is believed, arrest the attention of all grades of readers, and create in them a desire to know more of the nature and character of those races of animals over which the Creator has given man the right and power to rule."
Condition / Notes: These beautiful books show well with some age/wear/marks externally, concentrated at the extremities. Both bindings are firm and the pages are clean and bright.
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