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Lot 7001


Title: Denslow's Night Before Christmas
Author: Clement C. Moore - Clement Clarke Moore was a writer and American Professor of Oriental and Greek Literature, as well as Divinity and Biblical Learning, at the General Theological Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church, in New York City. The seminary was developed on land donated by Moore and it continues on this site at Ninth Avenue between 20th and 21st streets, in an area known as Chelsea Square. Moore's connection with the seminary continued for more than 25 years.

He is credited and is most widely known as the author of the Christmas poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas", first published anonymously in 1823. It later became widely known as "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" and has been published in numerous illustrated versions in various languages. Scholars debate the identity of the author, calling on textual and handwriting analysis as well as other historical sources. (Courtesy Wikipedia), W. W. Denslow - William Wallace Denslow, usually credited as W. W. Denslow, was an illustrator and caricaturist remembered for his work in collaboration with author L. Frank Baum, especially his illustrations of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz." Denslow was an editorial cartoonist with a strong interest in politics, which has fueled political interpretations of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz."

Publisher: M. A. Donohue & Co.
City: Chicago
Year: 1902
Printing Information: Second Edition
Binding Style: Hardcover
Pagination: unpaginated
Width: 6.5" Height: 9.25"
Book Details: Bound in blue cloth with a pictorial pastedown to the front board, this antique second edition is vibrantly illustrated in color by W. W. Denslow. A humorous notation on the rear endpaper reads: “If this book should start to roam. Slap it’s face and send it home.”

“"A Visit from St. Nicholas", more commonly known as "The Night Before Christmas" and "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" from its first line, is a poem first published anonymously in 1823 and later attributed to Clement Clarke Moore, who claimed authorship in 1837.

The poem has been called "arguably the best-known verses ever written by an American" and is largely responsible for some of the conceptions of Santa Claus from the mid-nineteenth century to today. It has had a massive impact on the history of Christmas gift-giving. Before the poem gained wide popularity, American ideas had varied considerably about Saint Nicholas and other Christmastide visitors. "A Visit from St. Nicholas" eventually was set to music and has been recorded by many artists.” [Information Courtesy Wikipedia]

Condition / Notes: This volume shows well with some age/wear indications appropriate to its age, please review the provided images. The front board and spine are separated from the text block and the rear board is partially separated. The text block is intact. Text and illustrations are clear and crisp through mild age toning. There is some writing by previous owners to the endpapers, as well as a small drawing in pencil to a center page.
Lot 7002


Title: Atlas of Cuyahoga County Ohio. From Actual Surveys by and Under the Directions of D. J. Lake, C. E.
Author: uncredited
Publisher: Titus, Simmons & Titus
City: Philadelphia
Year: 1874
Binding Style: Hardcover
Pagination: 205 pages
Width: 14" Height: 16.25"
Book Details: Bound in textured, blindstamped black cloth with gilt lettering to the front cover, this antique elephant folio atlas is a meticulous and comprehensive reference for the early history of Cuyahoga County, Ohio. The atlas is enhanced with 82 hand-colored maps and 119 views, many of which are fold-outs. The South Part of the 6th Ward of Cleveland map shows the property of Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company, which was formed only four years prior. The maps show the transportation network, street grid pattern, and a wealth of information about individual properties including both residences and businesses. A color fold-out “Railroad and Township Map of the State of Ohio” and a double-page color map of the United States of America appear at the end of the volume.
Condition / Notes: This complete antique atlas shows well, with some age/wear indications appropriate to its age, please review the provided images. The boards are mostly detached and there is heavy shelfwear and rubbing to the boards and spine, with areas of soiling and loss to the cloth and leather spine. The text block is quite sound, with some preliminary pages loose at the foot. Text and illustrations remain clear and crisp through mild/moderate age toning/foxing, with some soiling. The stamp of a previous owner appears on the front endpapers (Peter Schmidt). This atlas is complete, with all listed maps/images intact. There are two printer errors: the county map is on page 9, not page 5; the Collamer map is on page 114-115, not 115-116.
Lot 7003


Title: American Annals; or, A Chronological History of America from Its Discovery in MCCCCXCII to MDCCCVI
Author: Abiel Holmes - Abiel Holmes was an American Congregational clergyman and historian in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. He was the father of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. and grandfather of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr..

Holmes was born in Woodstock, Connecticut. He was the son of David Holmes and Mehitable Mayhew. He graduated from Yale College in 1783. In 1784, while ministering in South Carolina, he was recruited to be the minister at the Congregational Church in Midway, Georgia. He returned to New England to be ordained in 1785 and once for health reasons between 1786 and 1787, but returned to Midway and remained there until 1791. Holmes married Mary Stiles, the daughter of Ezra Stiles, the president of Yale. Mr. Stiles was the subject of a laudatory biography penned by Holmes.

In 1792, Rev. Holmes became the minister at First Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 1805, he published a history entitled American Annals. Amid a theological controversy between Calvinism and Arminianism, Holmes resigned from the ministry in 1831 and the church chose a Unitarian minister to replace him.

Publisher: Printed and Sold by W. Hilliard
City: Cambridge
Year: 1805
Printing Information: First Edition
Binding Style: Hardcover
Number of Volumes: 2 Full Set: Yes
Width: 5.5" Height: 8.75"
Book Details: Bound in full leather with red leather spine titles panels and gilt lettering, this is a complete antique first edition of a scarce early history of the New World.
Condition / Notes: These antique volumes show well, with some age/wear indications appropriate to their age, including shelfwear and rubbing, with minor loss to the leather coverings. Volume II displays loss to the foot of the spine. Hinges are cracked, however the bindings are firm. Text is clear and legible through moderate/heavy age toning/foxing. Endpapers and some preliminary pages exhibit chipping and small tears.
Lot 7004


Title: Coaching
Author: Knute K. Rockne - Knute Kenneth Rockne was a Norwegian-American football player and coach at the University of Notre Dame. Rockne is regarded as one of the greatest coaches in college football history. His biography at the College Football Hall of Fame identifies him as "without question, American football's most-renowned coach". Rockne helped to popularize the forward pass and made the Notre Dame Fighting Irish a major factor in college football.

Rockne's life was the basis for the 1940 film Knute Rockne, All American starring Pat O'Brien as Rockne and Ronald Reagan as George 'The Gipper' Gipp. [Courtesy Wikipedia]

Publisher: The Devin-Adair Company
City: New York
Year: 1925
Printing Information: First Edition
Binding Style: Hardcover
Pagination: 206 pages
Width: 5.75" Height: 8.75"
Book Details: Bound in red cloth with blindstamped lettering to the front cover and black spine lettering, this classic coaching strategy book bears a frontispiece portrait of the author and is generously illustrated with diagrams emphasizing the author’s discussion of strategy. This copy is a first edition. Mimeographed copies of football plays are laid in.
Condition / Notes: This antique volume shows well with some typical age/wear indications, including shelfwear and rubbing. The rear hinge and text block are cracked, however the binding is still intact. The frontispiece is partly detached. Text and diagrams are clear and legible through mild age toning. The name of a previous owner appears on the front flyleaf.
Lot 7005


Title: Song of the Seasons
Author: uncredited
Publisher: L. Prang & Co.
City: Boston
Year: c1890
Binding Style: Softcover
Width: 4" Height: 6.25"
Book Details: This antique volume is bound in green and white cloth with floral decorations in gold, brown and pink to the front cover. A very rare Louis Prang chromolithograph book, this poetry volume has four color plates in muted pastel tones.
Condition / Notes: This sweet antique volume shows well with some indications of age and wear, including light soiling/foxing to the covers. The binding is sound, however the text block is loosely attached to the covers. The pastedowns display mild rippling. Text and illustrations are clear and crisp through mild age toning/foxing, with scattered marginal soiling.
Lot 7006


Title: The Life of George Washington; with Curious Anecdotes, Equally Honourable to Himself, and Exemplary to His Young Countrymen
Author: M. L. Weems - Mason Locke Weems, generally known as Parson Weems, was an American book agent and author. He is best known as the source of some of the apocryphal stories about George Washington. The famous tale of the cherry tree ("I cannot tell a lie, I did it with my little hatchet") is included in "The Life of Washington" (1800), Weems' most famous work. This nineteenth-century bestseller depicted Washington's virtues and provided an entertaining and morally instructive tale for the youth of the young nation.

Weems was born on October 11, 1759 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. He studied theology in London and was ordained in the Protestant Episcopal Church in 1784. He worked as a minister in Maryland in various capacities from 1784 to 1792. Financial hardship forced Weems to seek additional employment, and he began working as a traveling book agent. Weems married Frances Ewell in 1795 and established a household in Dumfries, Virginia. He had a small bookstore in Dumfries that now houses the Weems–Botts Museum, but he continued to travel extensively, selling books and preaching.

Dumfries is not far from Pohick Church, part of Truro Parish, in Lorton, Virginia, where both George Washington and his father Augustine had worshipped in pre-Revolutionary days. Weems would later inflate this Washington connection and promote himself as the former "rector of Mount-Vernon parish".

Other notable works by Weems include "Life of General Francis Marion" (1805); "Life of Benjamin Franklin, with Essays" (1817); and "Life of William Penn" (1819). He was an accomplished violinist.

Publisher: M. Carey and Son
City: Philadelphia
Year: 1820
Binding Style: Hardcover
Pagination: 228 pages
Width: 4.25" Height: 7"
Book Details: Bound in full leather with gilt lettering to the spine, this antique work is illustrated with seven engravings, including a frontispiece depicting the death of General Montgomery, and a portrait of Washington following the copyright page. A fold-out map of the United States by M. Carey and Sons, 1820, is present.
Condition / Notes: This volume shows well with some typical indications of age and wear, including shelfwear and rubbing, with loss to the foot of the spine and heavier wear at high points. The hinges are slightly cracked, however the binding is sound. Text and illustrations are clear and legible through heavy age toning/foxing. The map displays age toning and tears along creases; it is intact. The title page lists eight engravings, seven are present.
Lot 7007


Title: Egyptian Art
Author: Gaston Maspero - Gaston Camille Charles Maspero was a French Egyptologist known for popularizing the term "Sea Peoples" in an 1881 paper. Maspero's son, Henri Maspero, became a notable sinologist and scholar of East Asia.

Among his best-known publications are the large "Histoire ancienne des peuples de l'Orient classique" (3 vols., Paris, 1895-1897, translated into English by Mrs McClure for the S.P.C.K.), displaying the history of the whole of the nearer East from the beginnings to the conquest by Alexander; a smaller "Histoire des peuples de l'Orient," 1 vol., of the same scope, which passed through six editions from 1875 to 1904; "Etudes de mythologie et d'archéologie égyptiennes" (Paris, 1893, etc.), a collection of reviews and essays originally published in various journals, and especially important as contributions to the study of Ancient Egyptian religion; "L'Archéologie égyptienne" (1907), of which several editions have been published in English. He also established the journal "Recueil de travaux relatifs à la philologie et à l'archéologie égyptiennes et assyriennes"; the "Bibliothèque égyptologique," in which the scattered essays of the French Egyptologists are collected, with biographies, etc.; and the "Annales du service des antiquités de l'Egypte," a repository for reports on official excavations, etc.

Maspero also wrote: "Les inscriptions des pyramides de Saqqarah" (Paris, 1894); "Les momies royales de Deir el-Bahari" (Paris, 1889); "Les contes populaires de l'Egypte ancienne" (3rd ed., Paris, 1906); and "Causeries d'Egypte" (1907), translated by Elizabeth Lee as New Light on Ancient Egypt (1908).

Gaston Maspero was also the one to find Amenemhat's pyramid, located at Lisht. The pyramid was already eroded when he found it. (Information courtesy of Wikipedia)

Translor: Elizabeth Lee
Publisher: T. Fisher Unwin
City: London / Leipsig
Year: 1913
Printing Information: First Edition
Binding Style: Hardcover
Pagination: 223 pages
Width: 7.25" Height: 10.25"
Book Details: Bound in blue cloth with gilt lettering to the spine, this rare book is presented in the exceptionally rare dust jacket. The work is enhanced with 107 illustrations from photographs. “The following essays were written during a period of more than thirty years, and published at intervals of varying lengths. The oldest of them appeared in Les Monuments de l’Art Antique of my friend Olivier Rayet, and the others in La Nature at the request of Gaston Tissandier, in the Gazette des Beaux-Arts, in the Monuments Piot, and chiefly in the Revue de l’Art Ancien et Moderne, where my friend Jules Comte gave them hospitality. As most of these periodicals do not circulate in purely scientific circles, the essays are almost unknown to experts, and will for the greater part be new to them, Indeed, they were not intended for them. In writing them, I desired to familiarize the general public, who were scarcely aware of their existence, with some of the fine pieces of Egyptian sculpture and goldsmiths’ work, and to point out how to approach them in order to appreciate their worth.” (From the Prefatory Note)

Condition / Notes: This antique volume shows well with some typical indications of age and wear, including mild shelfwear and rubbing. The binding is sound, however the text block is slightly cracked. Text and illustrations are clear and crisp through mild age toning/foxing. The original dust jacket is intact and shows soiling, with chipping and small tears to high points.
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