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Lot 4001


Title: America in Maps: Dating from 1500 to 1856
Author: uncredited
Editor: Egon Klemp
Publisher: Holmes & Meier
City: New York and London
Year: 1976
Printing Information: Limited Edition
Binding Style: Hardcover
Pagination: 293 pages
Width: 14.25" Height: 20.25"
Book Details: Bound in green cloth with white spine lettering, this limited edition elephant folio is numbered 204 of 1200. This volume is presented in a decoratively illustrated paper-covered slipcase. Maps included in this volume are in color and black and white, and some fold out.

From the Preface: "This facsimile volume contains a representative selection of maps produced from the time of Columbus’s discovery of America until the middle of the nineteenth century, when the initial exploration and mapping of North and South America were brought to a close. We have selected many rare manuscript maps and printed maps which are not readily accessible because they are dispersed throughout many libraries and archives. We have given priority to maps from the first half of the sixteenth century, when the coastline of America was being explored and larger expeditions were penetrating the interior. We have also included a good number of maps from the eighteenth century since the art of surveying and mapmaking improved considerably during this period…Each map is provided with textual commentary to facilitate use and understanding. Apart from bibliographical information, these commentaries provide references to the origin and content of each map."
Condition / Notes: This handsome elephant folio shows very well, with minimal indications of age and wear. The binding and text block are sound. Text and illustrations are clear and crisp on clean pages.
Lot 4002


Title: Memoirs of the Secret Societies of the South of Italy, Particularly the Carbonari
Author: Giuseppe Bertoldi
Publisher: John Murray
City: London
Year: 1821
Printing Information: First Edition
Binding Style: Hardcover
Pagination: 235 pages
Width: 5.75" Height: 9.25"
Book Details: This antique volume is bound in textured green cloth with bright stamped gilt lettering to the spine. A scarce fist English edition, this work contains a number of fascinating illustrations offering representations of royal personages and of the societies in question. The frontispiece offers a portrait of Ferdinand I, King of the Two Siclies, the plate opposite page 60 one of Don Francis, hereditary prince of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies & Prince of Calabria. Seven intact fold-out plates are attached at the rear of the volume, including a view of a meeting of the Carbonari (with key explaining personnel), six folding facsimiles of documents, two plates of uniforms.

The Carbonari (Italian for "charcoal makers") was an informal network of secret revolutionary societies active in Italy from about 1800 to 1831. The Italian Carbonari may have further influenced other revolutionary groups in France, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Brazil and Uruguay. Although their goals often had a patriotic and liberal basis, they lacked a clear immediate political agenda. They were a focus for those unhappy with the repressive political situation in Italy following 1815, especially in the south of the Italian Peninsula. Members of the Carbonari, and those influenced by them, took part in important events in the process of Italian unification (called the Risorgimento), especially the failed Revolution of 1820, and in the further development of Italian nationalism. The chief purpose was to defeat tyranny and to establish constitutional government. In the north of Italy other groups, such as the Adelfia and the Filadelfia, were associate organizations

From the author’s preface: “The history of the Carbonari of Naples forms the principal subject of the present work. Their existence has been known for many years; but it was the revolution of July, 1820, which brought them into full daylight. Victorious and exclusive during the first months of that revolution, they imagined that they had no cause for further concealment. They boasted of their success; they revealed their secret proceedings; they promulgated decrees, and posted up proclamations. The press multiplied their Catechisms, the Transactions of their Societies, and the results of their deliberations. Their Patents and their Symbols were sold publicly.”
Condition / Notes: This antique title shows well, with some typical indications of age and wear, including mild rubbing to the covers and shelfwear. The binding is cracked at the title page and cracking between pages 232 (misprinted 230) and 233. An antique pictorial bookplate of Eugene J. Smith appears on the front pastedown. A previous owner's embossed stamp can be seen in the upper right corner of the front flyleaf. The pages display scattered foxing, heavier at the ends of the book.
Lot 4003


Book Details: This collection features four volumes from The Easton Press with fancy deluxe leather bindings, as shown in the corresponding images. Titles found in this group include:

The Moon and the Sun, by Vonda N. McIntyre. Introduction by Pamela Sargent, Frontispiece by Vincent DiFate, 2001.

The Decameron: The Modell of Wit, Mirth, Eloquence and Conversation, by John Boccaccio. Translated into English anno 1620, with an Introduction by Edward Hutton and Wood-cuts in the Renaissance manner by Fritz Kredel, 1980; illustrated.

The Essays, or Counsels Civill & Morall of Francis Bacon, Baron of Verulam, Viscount Saint Alban, 1980; illustrated frontispiece.

Rights of Man, by Thomas Paine. With an introduction by Howard Fast and illustrations by Lynd Ward, 1979; illustrated.
Condition / Notes: This beautifully bound collection shows very well, with minimal indications of age and wear. Bindings and text blocks are sound. Text and illustrations are clear and crisp on clean pages.
Lot 4004


Title: The Robot that Helped to Make a President: A Reconnaissance into the Mysteries of John F. Kennedy's Signature
Author: Charles Hamilton - Charles Hamilton, Jr. was a paleographer, handwriting expert and author of historical works. He invented the term "philography" as another term for his profession. Hamilton is the author of a number of books on this topic and was also an autograph dealer.
Publisher: Printed by Charles Hamilton
City: New York
Year: 1965
Printing Information: Limited Edition
Binding Style: Hardcover
Pagination: 63 pages
Width: 9.25" Height: 12.25"
Book Details: This vintage volume is bound in blue cloth with gilt spine lettering and illustration to the front board. The original pictorial dust jacket is intact, and shows a red line drawing of a robot-like JFK superimposed over a photograph of President Kennedy. This limited edition volume is an analysis of President Kennedy’s many, at times bewildering, varieties of signature, and the use of the Autopen. This title is enhanced with many line illustrations and photographs.
Condition / Notes: This vintage volume shows well, with minimal indications of age and wear. The binding and text block are sound. Text and illustrations remain clear and crisp through mild age toning. The original dust jacket shows some shelfwear and minor tears.
Lot 4005


Title: Masaniello, The Fisherman of Naples
Author: Alexandre Dumas - Alexandre Dumas, born Dumas Davy de la Pailleterie was a French writer, best known for his historical novels of high adventure which have made him one of the most widely read French authors in the world. Many of his novels, including "The Count of Monte Cristo," "The Three Musketeers," "Twenty Years After," and "The Vicomte de Bragelonne" were originally serialized. He also wrote plays and magazine articles and was a prolific correspondent. Born in poverty, Dumas was the grandson of a French nobleman and a Haitian slave.
Publisher: Stringer & Townsend
City: New York
Year: 1854
Printing Information: First US Edition
Binding Style: Sewn Binding
Pagination: 86 pages
Width: 5.75" Height: 9.5"
Book Details: This very rare volume with sewn binding in paper wrappers was likely the first American edition of this historical romance by French author Alexandre Dumas: "Masaniello, The Fisherman of Naples."

Condition / Notes: This very rare volume is well preserved with sewn binding in paper wrappers.

The book shows some age/wear externally concentrated at the extremities, including soiling.

The binding is secure, the text is clear and the pages exhibit scattered foxing.
Lot 4006


Title: Folio 25: A Bibliography of The Folio Society 1947-1967
Publisher: The Folio Press
City: London
Year: 1972
Printing Information: First Edition
Binding Style: Hardcover
Width: 7.5" Height: 11"
Book Details: This volume is handsomely bound in gray cloth with a blindstamped design to the front board and a red leather and gilt spine label. A red and black slipcover is included. This title is profusely illustrated in both color and black and white. From the Notes: “This descriptive list of the Society’s publications is based on sork submitted in part requirement for the Diploma in Librarianship of the University of London, 1963, by Sandra Raphael, who has also brought it up to date. It makes no attempt to be a full-scale bibliography in the technical sense, but it is hoped that the description of the books will be found adequate.”

This edition contains Folio 21 published in 1968 and Folio 1968-71 published in 1972.
Condition / Notes: This vintage volume shows very well, with minimal indications of age and wear, including mild shelfwear. The binding and text block are sound. Text and illustrations are clear and crisp on clean pages.
Lot 4007


Title: The World's Fair in Water Colors
Author: Charles S. Graham - Charles S. Graham was an artist noted for townscape topography, survey artist, illustration, scenery design. An itinerant, self-taught sketch artist for Harper & Brothers, Graham's drawings were in nearly every issue of Harper's from 1880 to 1992. His most favored subject was town views.

Before working for Harper's, Graham was a painter of theater backdrops in Chicago and then hired out as a topographer for the Northern Pacific Railroad survey. He was present when the transcontinental railroad was completed in 1883, and covered the subject of railroads extensively for Harper's. At the Chicago World's Fair in 1893, he was the Director of Color and did the same thing the following year in California at the Midwinter Fair. In 1896, he returned to New York but continued to send paintings back to the San Francisco Art Association for exhibition. After leaving Harper's, Graham worked as a freelance illustrator and after 1900 was an oil painter.
Publisher: Mast, Crowell & Kirkpatrick
City: Springfield, Ohio
Year: 1893
Binding Style: Other - see description
Width: 9.25" Height: 12.25"
Book Details: Bound in stiff blue folder with gilt embossing, this antique volume is a scarce collection of 22 bright chromolithograph plates by noted artist Charles S. Graham (1852 - 1911) depicting the sights at the Columbian Exposition of 1893 held in Chicago. Graham held the title of official artist of the World's Columbian Exposition. Laid in is a four-page pamphlet with an introduction and a listing of plates that contains a short description of each. Plates bear the following titles: Looking East in the Grand Court; At Night in the Grand Court; Interior of Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building; Cairo Street; Art Palace at Night; Old Vienna; Golden Entrance to Transportation Building; Old Liberty Bell; The Silver Statue, Montana Building; The Foreign Buildings; Moonlight on the Lagoon; Looking South from Wooded Island; The Ferris Wheel; Blarney Castle; A View from the Ferris Wheel; Interior of Electrical Building; State Buildings; The Midway Plaisance; La Rabida and the Caravels; The Viking Ship; Types of Midway; The Yerkes Telescope; The Irish Industrial Village.
Condition / Notes: This antique collection of plates shows well, with some typical indications of age and wear. The folder displays shelfwear and rubbing, and its interior paper backing is chipping. The plates themselves show brightly with some mild age toning to the margins. This collection is believed to be complete.
Lot 4008


Title: Bibliomania in the Middle Ages, or Sketches of Bookworms-Collectors-Bible Students-Scribes-and Illuminators, from the Anglo Saxon and Norman Periods, to the Introduction of Printing into England; with Anecdotes, Illustrating the History of the Monastic Libraries of Great Britain, in the Olden Time
Author: F. Somner Merryweather
Publisher: Merryweather
City: London
Year: 1849
Printing Information: First Edition
Binding Style: Hardcover
Pagination: 218 pages
Width: 5" Height: 7"
Book Details: This very rare first edition volume is decoratively bound in green blindstamped cloth with gilt lettering to the spine. From the preface: “I must say something I suppose, on offering a book with so strange a title to the reading world; but I could find no better for the little odd antiquities of early literature which much research has enabled me to collect together, and which principally treat of the love of books in monkish days. Perhaps the reader will suspect that my own mind is slightly tinged with the bibliomania of which I write; it may be so, and I trust he will indulgently receive the supposition as a fit apology for any undue warmth and admiration I may hereafter express in speaking of monastic learning, and monkish book-worms, and believe me when I once for all affirm, that if I admire the monk, I feel no sympathy with the evils of his system; but award praise only when I deem it due to the erudition of the scholar, or to the piety of the Christian.”
Condition / Notes: This antique volume shows well, with some typical indications of age and wear, including shelfwear and rubbing. The binding and text block are intact, however, the text block is loosening. Text is clear and legible through uniform age toning/foxing.
Lot 4009


Book Details: This lot is comprised of a collection of twenty-five uniformly bound volumes of the Waverley Novels by Sir Walter Scott. These volumes are bound in blindstamped rust-colored cloth with gilt spine lettering and design to the front board. This collection is from the Illustrated Library Edition by Houghton, Mifflin and Company/The Riverside Press, c1881. Each volume contains a tissue-guarded frontispiece illustration. Titles found in this collection include:

St. Ronan’s Well
Surgeon’s Daughter
Old Mortality
The Pirate
Anne of Geierstein
Quentin Durward
Fair Maid of Perth
The Abbott
Talisman, Etc.
Black Dwarf
Count Robert
Fortunes of Nigel
The Betrothed, Etc.
Rob Roy
Peveril of the Peak
Guy Mannering
Condition / Notes: These antique volumes are in remarkable condition, with minimal indications of age and wear, including mild shelfwear. Bindings and text blocks are sound. Text and illustrations remain clear and crisp through mild age toning.
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